M.N., et al., v. MultiCare Health System, Inc.

Superior Court of Washington in and for Pierce County
Case No. 18-2-08055-5

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Case Update

MultiCare filed a Motion for Summary Judgment on April 24, 2020, seeking the dismissal of all claims of the General Treatment Class, which Plaintiffs opposed. MultiCare’s Motion for Summary Judgement was heard on July 31, 2020. The Court ruled in favor of MultiCare, dismissing all claims of the General Treatment Class. The claims of the Weberg Treatment Class remain intact. Plaintiffs filed a Motion for Reconsideration on August 10, 2020, which the Court denied.

Plaintiffs are seeking discretionary review by the Washington State Court of Appeals of the Court’s order dismissing the claims of the General Treatment Class. A stay of the trial court proceedings of the Weberg Treatment Class has been entered by the Court while the General Treatment Class appeal is considered.

The current trial date of November 30, 2020 has been stricken.

This website will be updated once the Washington State Court of Appeals has decided whether to accept review of the trial court’s decision.

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