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Bryan v. Grays Harbor Community Hospital

In The Superior Court of the State of Washington In and For The County of Pierce
Case No. 16-2-00022-0

This Notice may affect your legal rights. Please read carefully.

You may be eligible to receive a share of cash benefits from a proposed settlement You may be a member of the class listed below in a lawsuit against Grays Harbor Community Hospital (“the Hospital”). If you are a class member, you may be entitled to benefits from a $750,000 class action settlement (“Settlement”) reached in this lawsuit.

Summary of Class Membership

The Court has ruled that the following people are members of the proposed Settlement class:

(1) For purposes of their claims for declaratory relief regarding the liens' invalidity and for monetary relief, a class under CR-23(b)(3) consisting of all individuals who, within the applicable period of limitations, paid money to Hunter Donaldson or the Hospital or who had a portion of their personal injury settlement funds held in trust by their attorneys to pay the Hospital's medical service lien claim because of an allegedly defective Medical lien notice filed by Hunter Donaldson on behalf of the Hospital; and

(2) For purposes of their claims for declaratory and injunctive relief regarding the liens' expiration and lack of corresponding lien releases, a class under CR 23(b)(2) consisting of all individuals with satisfied or expired Medical liens filed against them by Hunter Donaldson on behalf of the Hospital, which are still recorded with the Grays Harbor County Auditor's Office without a corresponding lien release on file.

Purpose of the Notice

The purpose of the Notice is to inform you of:

The status of the lawsuit;

The essential terms of a proposed settlement with the Hospital, including the requirements that govern payment of the proposed net proceeds of the Settlement to class members;

The hearing to be held by the Court to consider final approval of that proposed Settlement and Plan of Distribution;

Your rights and obligations as a result of this lawsuit, settlement, and what steps you may take in relation to the Settlement and this class action litigation; and

Requirement of filing a claim form in order to share in the Settlement funds.

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